IT consulting and services company, started in 1994. We design complete IT infrastructures, typically for small to medium businesses, which we can then supply, install and maintain on a continuing basis. This includes user support, which is delivered through a combination of regular on-site visits, remote control and telephone support.


Typically, our clients are in London and the south of England, although the largest client has offices in London, Richmond, VA (USA) and Singapore, and we built, installed and supported the IT infrastructure and users for each of these sites.


For clients who don’t have their own in-house IT function, we can fulfil that role (as above), but for those who do, we also work with existing departments.

When necessary or desirable, we also work with a network of partners.


We also sell and consult in a highly-customisable CRM application – Commence.


Commence is used by a wide variety of businesses to integrate the running of those businesses in all manner of ways - not simply CRM. For a few of examples, please see the Case Histories section.


This consulting work continues, using both Commence, with which we now have 25 years’ experience, and, latterly, Salesforce.


ART Computing

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