Altius Associates

We have been engaged by Altius Associates (private equity advisors) since its formation over 20 years ago, with offices in London, Richmond, VA (USA) and Singapore. We developed and built its IT infrastructure in all three offices, and maintained & supported all three and their 70-odd users throughout this period, remotely from the heart of The Cotswolds.


During this time, 2 major infrastructure projects transformed their IT system completely.


1. Designed and built an innovative server infrastructure in London, splitting it between the office and a hosting location in the City, but joined using a Gigabit dark fibre;  VMware vSphere; and a real-time-synchronising split iSCSI SAN using Datacore. This provided a server infrastructure that operated in both locations in combination, but either half of which could take up the reins of the entire system in the event of failure or unavailability of the other half. Full Disaster Recovery.


It also provided a super-fast internet connection.


For the Singapore office, with only 8 users, the server infrastructure was built in the cloud, using MS Azure.

2. Designed and built a complete WFH system which totally transformed the users' ability to work from anywhere, including from home. It dispensing with a previously-hated fleet of physically heavy brick-like laptops, using lightweight clients instead. It made use of RDP via a web portal.


In 2016, Altius was purchased by Pavilion Financial in Montreal, and our work continued for them.  In 2018, Pavilion in turn was purchased by Mercer, part of Marsh & McLennan.

ART Computing was a key support to our team as we established and grew Altius until 2016 when the company was acquired. It was then instrumental in the integration of our IT with that of Pavilion and subsequently Mercer.


We worked together to design, create and implement a robust IT infrastructure with global reach. They were prepared to do everything from basic desk support, to high level IT strategy and everything in between.

Jenny Fenton ᅳ former co-CEO of Altius Associates​

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