what we do

For 25 years, we've worked with business owners and leaders to help solve their problems, where IT is a vital component.


Our wide experience outside the confines of IT means that we can bring a broader perspective to bear on our clients' problems and needs.


Two particular areas of success have been:-


  • Working From Home and Remote Working systems. This might sound straightforward, but there's more to it than a laptop and a home internet connection.


  • Designing and building resilient, High Availability, Minimum Downtime systems, with Disaster Recovery built-in. This involves a lot more than regularly making backups.


We collaborate, advise, design, upgrade and support business IT systems and networks, large and small.  We can even serve as the external IT department for businesses who do not have their own..


We also have extensive experience of working with IT departments through rapid and extended periods of change and migration through M&A.

ART Computing

Business IT systems